As a consultant CMO on board with individual capacity with responsibilities similar to a CMO or in certain cases limited to certain scope ( new media or digital )


1. If you are a large or a medium scale organisation who needs a digital expert to drive the new media initiatives & lead your team

2. If you are a small sized company who do not want a full time CMO yet want someone on a part time/consulting basis

3. If you are a startup who is looking for go2market strategy & need a CMO

Hire A CMO

An initiative created by Andrine to  leverage the strengths of The Links Group’s collective 30+ years of experience in Europe & Asia. They focus on two very key aspects of your business – your customers and your bottom line. 1/3rd making it their key strength. Read more.

Case Study

Frying Pan Workshops

A new age communications & leadership academy  thats based on experiential learning  here to create the “wow” makers of tomorrow, today ! Frying Pan has in two years hosted more than 100+ workshops throughout the country for leading B-schools & corporates. Find out more.

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Salt mango tree communications now part of the LInks Group (France) is a 3 year old Integrated Marketing and Communications Agency headquartered in Kochi and Delhi. We are a motley crew of strategic and creative minds with a mandate to provide value to our clients.

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The Kitchen

Kitchen is a collaborative platform that connects marketers,designers,tech geeks,startups & businesses to explore projects and work together in the process create meaningful partnerships and business value for each other.

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