Why Startups Fail in Kerala ?

As much as a pessimistic the title looks, my presentation at the inauguration function of Young chamber of commerce was not about pouring in the negative vibe around the ” emerging” kerala. It was more of a asking to the corporate Kerala to be active in the startup eco system & a reminder that government alone cannot do much. We need realistic policies & a strong a watch dog agency to ensure the policies are in effect.

The recent policy on technology startups is simply a example of how we are so eager to simply copy a “silicon valley” than to create a policy thats meant for the reality.

I am not against anything, i love my homeland and i want to see effective change rather than hollow policies , coffee book table on companies from Kerala or a bunch kids of sponsored full expense paid trip to silicon valley.

I am a 100% #builtinkerala, i failed twice , i sold my company to French but ensured that it’s heart remains in Kochi. I have no political alignments , i am not a new theory salesman, i mean no disrespect to any personnel or organisations but i am simply a believer in the fact that we can do better & i’l like to add my 5 cents to that.

Let me know what you think about my presentation.