The next big thing in tech

No, we are not talking about Fintech !

Everyday we hear about how E-commerce companies are taking over the world, the big numbers of evaluations and take over and buy outs.Far from all that noise, there are a group of people who are working on real problems and finding opportunity in the indigenous .We are talking about the unlocking the 90% of commerce that’s not on the Internet and thats where the next big thing is shaping up : messaging.

operator-onboard-1-lion-onboardTo put at length its more of a convergence of the biggest themes in tech: mobile, messaging, and the on-demand economy.
The latest edition to this field is Operator headed by Chan, the former head of Zynga’s Asia Business Division and a prolific angel investor, who describes Operator as “The switchboard for goods and services”. He explains that “You used to dial ‘0’ and there was a human being on the other end. Why isn’t there an app on your phone where there’s a group of people helping you?”. Read more on that here.

But then, Operator is not the first in this space. In India homegrown Haptik has been doing this for a while. And then there is Lookup who is also getting into a similar space but with a more distributed approach.

The space is gonna get  hotter in days to come because we have some good players joining in too. Uber has already launched a food delivery called Uber Fresh and there have been rumours that taxi companies like Ola will follow suit.

Each of these though different in terms of approach or USP’s fall into the space of on demand economy & mobile, which is good news for customers who is up for a lot of pampering with services like these.

What do you think ? You found any other model in same lines ? Let me know.