Thanks Bhai : this Diwali lets celebrate & thank our Kochi metro workers

Kochi metro is all set to change the face of the city & all this is possible because of the 24/7 efforts of emigrant workers for whom Kochi is now their second home

Just another day with the Kitchen crew and we were working on a CSR campaign for a brand when my colleague Nitheesh Mohan came up with an idea for thanking the metro workers. He coined the idea as “thanks bhai” to thank the Kochi metro workers for their hard work and 24/7 effort in bringing the much dreamt about project of the city to Life.

And its only coincidence that all this happened just as Diwali was in the corner & ‘voila’ we had our #makesomethingnew moment just there !
Although our discussion with the particular brand is still underway, we decided to go ahead with the campaign anyway.

we are raising money & looking for partners for executing this. a website to collect the messages for workers will be live this week as well.

And so we are looking for more support in here. click on the link/image below to know more on how you get a piece of the action.

Thanks Bhai

a Brandful Kitchen #makesomethingnew

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[blockquote cite=”Mr. Abdul Vajid KT” type=”left, center, right”]the most important part is that the agenda of bringing together people from different directions is met till date. VARIETY of the people is how this event stands different..[/blockquote]

Kitchen is a collaborative platform that connects marketers,designers,tech geeks,startups & businesses to explore projects and work together in the process create meaningful partnerships and business value for each other.

Who should attend ?

  • Businesses who are looking for strategic partners for advertising/digital/ ecommerce/social/mobile/IoT/payments/publicity/consulting domains
  • Startups who are looking for business partnerships or leads
  • Professionals who are looking to render their skills/services
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs to meet co-founder/investor/designer/tech geek etc
  • Investors or Individuals who’d like to invest in new ventures/concepts

Kitchen 2.0

June 12th, Friday was the second edition of the Kitchen hosted by Centre A Offices.There were 80+ in attendance for the event which was graced professionals , businesses & startups alike.

The event started 15 minutes late, thanks to the audio vendor getting in stuck in traffic which meant more time for people to network and exchange visiting cards.And 7 PM we started off with the panel discussion with Alex Thomas (MD,Tierra foods) ,Faraz Javeed ( Director, WildFish, Abad Fisheries ) , Vijay Nair ( MD, Taxio Radio cabs ) , Harsha ( CEO ,Masala box ).

Mr. Alex Thomas spoke about how he setup Tierra foods from scratch even with no experience in food industry and credited his success to his team who have worked passionately for the success of the company. The crowd asked him about the technicalities and support from government missionaries in setting up such a venture. What was a surprise info in this context was that he has face very little or no problems due to labour issues or the harthals or strikes which usually are known factors for anti-industry tide in Kerala.

Mr.Faraz Javeed spoke about the journey of the brand Abad and how he finally arrived at launching a premium store : Wildfish and Club wildfish for Kochilites who wants to get Fresh fish in its most hygienic form. He also walked thru the launch activities and experience in setting up such a venture.

Harsha ,Founder,Masala Box

Mr. Vijay Nair shared his journey as an NRI who had a strong passion for entrepreneurship and creating 200+  jobs for people in Kochi. He spoke passionately about how Taxio is creating a dent in the taxi cab scene in Kerala and how compared to his peers he has greater control on the quality of service of his fleet. He even pledged that he could pay back a flight fee if you missed the flight because of a delay by Taxio. He shared is expansion plans and how he wish to be the numero uno brand in Kerala in the segment.

Mrs. Harsha Thachery from Masala Box was eager to show us her expansion plans in India and as you can see from the picture, its quite an extensive one. She shared with the crowd in her enthusiastic self how she arrived at doing something like this after having the idea and complete a phase of pregnancy. After Kochi, they have recently launched in bangalore and soon coming to your city.

The panel was also joined by Nithin Rajagopal from Kitchen Treasures, the brand that which has found a special place in the minds of Kerlites within just one year of the launch.Nithin walked us through the launch and various learning curves in launching the brand. The star of journey wa their TVC created for Fish masalas which has had a huge organic growth on Youtube.

Photo 12-06-15 8 16 28 pm
Gokuldas from Voteran

So these are the businesses #madeinkerala and something we are all proud of.The next part of the event focussed on upcoming startups.
First one on this list was Voteran represented by Gokul ( Founder & CEO ) whose wife is also an entrepreneur . He shared the struggles of convincing his family on the path he had chosen and about his latest venture which is one of a kind social network for politics. He’s just got a round of angel funding for the product as well.

The next on the list is Jb Mathews who has taken a different spin of entrepreneurship by launching his sports IP called the Kerala Beach League. After the successful launch of first season JB is  scouting for partners/investors to further scale up his venture.

This was followed by a talk by Mittu Tigi on Jagriti Yatra and the ‘Pitch my Idea’ session where startups raising funds presented in 3 minutes their idea to prospective investors. We had 3 startups who presented during the event.

At 9;00 PM the speaking sessions was closed and another round of networking continued till 11;00PM.

We are now working on planning the Kitchen 3.0 , the theme of the event would be around Raising funds & marketing and is scheduled for Jul 10. Follow the event updates here.

Kitchen is made with Love by Andy and supported by Centre – A offices.





Proof of why Kerala is a happy place to be

Recently i read two articles both by international media houses on certain aspects of Kerala & its people. Not everyday is your faith restored in your homeland as it was for me.

Even with the strikes and harthaals i’ve always considered my homeland as a place to be not just cos of my love for my city or state but a lot of reasons. My work has taken me places & shown me enough of what the world has to offer and honestly i am quite content that my believe was more than my sheer love for my homeland.

I see most of the human talent to be away from kerala, though its been doing well for the city in terms of inwards remittances it is also a sizable brain drain. Event start-up companies which have set roots from Kerala mostly move to bangalore or elsewhere citing infra or technical aspects.

I been an entrepreneur all my life  & i love my city and i feel that the people of the great city/state should work together and work for taking the state to greater heights. As to lead by example i have ensured that my company( which is a part of a French group) stays in Kochi and keeps attracting talent to kochi and not the other way around. i know things are not perfect but its a fight worth the effort and wish you all do the same. To cement your thought here’s the abstract from the article was referring to:

Kerala’s GDP per capita is decent by Indian standards, but not spectacular. But its superior education and health outcomes push it well up the human development ranking. It boasts the highest HDI of any Indian state. If it were a country, Kerala would rank 77th in the world – ahead of countries with much higher GDP per capita, such as Turkey, South Africa and Peru.

Productivity in some of Kerala’s smaller workshops is pre-industrial, but that’s still better than doing nothing, which is the fate of tens of millions of dispossessed workers elsewhere in India. Kerala’s government has strongly resisted the corporatization of agriculture, and this has helped it achieve the lowest rural poverty in India. Again, the contrast with the rest of the country – 200,000 desperate farmers have committed suicide in the past decade – is jarring.

Kerala’s investments in its people have, perhaps ironically, made its people one of the state’s most lucrative exports: About two million Keralans work in the Persian Gulf countries (many as doctors, nurses and engineers), sending back billions of dollars worth of remittances each year. But there is also a growing high-tech sector in Kerala itself, centred around a technology park where 25,000 people are employed in the state capital. The complex is owned by the state government but operated in partnership with global IT corporations. This funny co-existence of capitalism and socialism is called “flexible communism” by the locals.

Business owners bemoan the hassle and lost productivity resulting from the strikes and protests that are a regular feature of daily life in highly politicized Kerala. On the other hand, it’s precisely because they feel empowered to fight for their interests that Keralans have managed to win the highest standard of living in their vast, diverse country. Other parts of India lose very little work time to strikes, yet their people are demonstrably worse off.”

Read more here

10 Innovative Start-ups from Kerala

Please note that the order/numbering used is no way meant to be a position or ranking & is only meant as a writing style.
These are only my personal views & in no way can be considered to be a standard or judgemental call on anyone.

I have had goose bumps watching social network, the part where Zuckerberg takes out his card that says “I am the CEO , Bitch !”. Making money out of doing what you love to do is the primary motive behind every entrepreneur but the real picture is all about hardcore madness & trust in your “idea”. Luckily , I have come across a lot of such awesome ideas which have inspired me & also inspired many ‘a’ like me and that’s why I thought to write about them.
1.Artin Dynamics
Innovation: First Artificial intelligence based start-up from Kerala or even India
Type : Product / R&D
Now, you don’t get to hear about R&D or artificial intelligence a lot and that itself makes these guys stand out from the crowd. They have been given grand’s twice by TBIC for R&D, won hell lot of awards globally and recognized by International community. Ask me what they are doing ? ,well i just know some basic outline. But then team Artin is the most jovial team I have come across and I’m sue anyone who met these guys would agree.
Their latest product Spara looks quite promising and has some very relevant role in power consumption patterns of industries. The team is headed by Nelvin Joseph(@callemeninja),CEO who is a sure surprise to everyone who have met him.Now,let’snot spoil the surprise in case you have not met him, ya ?

2.Innoz Technologies
Innovation: Mobile search engine
Type: product
Probably the youngest entrepreneur I have ever met, the CEO Deepak Ravindran and friends started Innoz in their college days and then, there’s been no looking back for them. I believe they are celebrating their Third Anniversary about these days, so special congrats to the team ! They have themselves deeply rooted into the fast growing mobile arena. Their mobile search app has already been used by Airtel and has also won them many a awards Nationally & Globally .
Now, these guys are seriously persistent at what they are doing and that quality has given them many feats in this short span of time.

Innovation: Mobile app that’s based on Intelligence gathering

Now I am sure the app “Friday” which these guys have developed is a sure bet to become something bigger ahead.a team with the right mix of enthu,the CEO Founder Narayan Babu and team sure know to strike the right chord be that in whatever streams they are into. Dexetra is working on a whole lot of interesting things and probably that’s one reason they even got invites to the tech crunch event in the U.S.

Innovation : Mobile apps that can make a Bang
Now these guys Bang specialists, be that the launch of their “Tuk-Tuk” meter – an app that checks fares of autorickshawas using GPS or “Sentinel” the app that’s made for women security they sure know how to make the right voices. A young bunch of youngsters who weaved their dream company while at college, these engineers did get a lot of balls moving from there.
Christin George,the CEO of the company is vivid wanderer and explorer himself and is quite on a lookout for anything & everything innovative.
Innovation : Thinking beyond potato chips as a snack
It’s relatively a new player in the market but Snacos is sure bet ahead. The peanut based snack has a lot riding on it,in day’s ahead.Although the product is not officially launched I came across this, couple of months back. What took me was to see the packaging of the snack that stood out from the crowd.
Run by a very passionate yet subtle gentlemen, Mr.Arun farmfest, the parent company has a lot of plans ahead of its launch.

6.Readers Web
Innovation: Home Delivery of any books you want to read

The guy who started it Casey Nester Fernandez, is an ardent bookworm or probably a book lover that he decided to quit his nice well paid job to start Readers Web. The idea is quite simple ,all you need to do is take a one time membership & dial upto 2 books to your home. No late submission fee or any hassles. Happy news for book lovers !

7.Metro Geometry
Innovation: a blog network spread over different cities & campuses

Now this is one big dream,to have a network of blogs across different cities & college campuses & bring it to one platform. the effort by Kenney Jacob and team who’s been working hard to get things right for many a years is commendable. From Mumbai to Kochi…metro has almost all cities covered under one umbrella !

8.Edu Alert




Innovation: one of its kind platform for education

I have always had a special respect for ideas in education segment and Rajeevnath viswanathan from Trivandrum has just struck that right chord which is a sure bet in days to come. The software he created for schools is an innovation that can change a lot of thing in coming days in education sector.




Innovation: Gaming company with a difference

Eldhose Mathew, the founder looks so subtle even while he receives the  Star Entrepreneur Award at Indira International Innovation Summit, Pune for Csharks but that’s him and his team. They have cracked the code quite a few times and the company is a promising brand to lookout for.


Innovation: a company dedicated to create Logos

When I met Hiran Venugopal and he shared the idea about logo bake I really could not digest much. But he alone have so far gone thee logos jut for me and then i understood that this guy can do some really awesome & vivid logos to an extent that he would even setup a dedicated one stop point just for logos.


So that’s it ! If you thing any other companies also fit in this list..feel free to comment !