Power of common sense & customer participation : Beldent Almost identical

Often to make communication interesting marketers come up bizarre stunts which mostly works. But then to take a low category segment and create something from a strong segment based insight and making it interesting requires talent. We have known advertisement s to be pure exaggeration and mostly not so ‘common sense’. But i guess gone are those days where marketers would just treat its customers with a visual treat with no ‘real’ sense it. Thanks to Internet for that !

Now,Very rarely do you see a marketing stunt that can apply human participation & common sense in synergy. Beldent has done just that with their latest campaign. What do you think ?

Why Startups Fail in Kerala ?

As much as a pessimistic the title looks, my presentation at the inauguration function of Young chamber of commerce was not about pouring in the negative vibe around the ” emerging” kerala. It was more of a asking to the corporate Kerala to be active in the startup eco system & a reminder that government alone cannot do much. We need realistic policies & a strong a watch dog agency to ensure the policies are in effect.

The recent policy on technology startups is simply a example of how we are so eager to simply copy a “silicon valley” than to create a policy thats meant for the reality.

I am not against anything, i love my homeland and i want to see effective change rather than hollow policies , coffee book table on companies from Kerala or a bunch kids of sponsored full expense paid trip to silicon valley.

I am a 100% #builtinkerala, i failed twice , i sold my company to French but ensured that it’s heart remains in Kochi. I have no political alignments , i am not a new theory salesman, i mean no disrespect to any personnel or organisations but i am simply a believer in the fact that we can do better & i’l like to add my 5 cents to that.

Let me know what you think about my presentation.

Wendy’s Croons a Pitch-Perfect Pretzel-Bun Love Ballad

The success of campaigns that Crowdsources content simply lies on the art of execution. One such good example is the last campaign by Wendy’s.

The fast-food chain is promoting the return of its pretzel-bun products with a series of faux music videos, and the first online clip is a masterful parody of please-lover-come-back-to-me visual clichés—the man waking up lonely in bed, the woman standing lonely in a breeze on the beach, and naturally, a lot of highly emotive face grimaces and hand gestures.

What do you think ?

Lexus Puts On a Dazzling Light Show With Aerial LED Stuntmen

Brands and advertising agencies are now obsessed with creating new formats and benchmarks when it comes to content. Typical computer animations or graphics is now too cliche and people are going after the experiential.

Personally & professionally i am very happy & excited about it cos its a journey i started 4 years back at saltmangotree. We are still scaling up that way & have added quite a few to the ‘experimental’ as you could find here.

Lexus recent campaign took things to a next level in terms of the level of experimentation they did on the format.In “Strobe,” an eye-catching minute-long film from CHI & Partners, it seems as if a single shimmering figure is traversing the nightscape of downtown Kuala Lumpur. In fact, dozens of stuntmen and acrobats dressed in LED suits took part in creating the illusion. Using complex rigging and in-camera effects (no CGI), the “illuminated man” appears to vault from rooftop to rooftop, dance across billboards, cartwheel through an empty office and even dive into a high-rise swimming pool.

What do you think about this new trend of creating experimental formats of content ?

10 reasons why Alcohol ban in Kerala will damage the state

Kerala which claims to be the most literate state in the country suddenly puts a big question mark in that feat. The recent move of shutting down bars in the state and move of banning alcohol, ” The Gujarat ” model  is one that will go down in the books of the state’ s history as one of the most ill thought move.

Though the topic is highly inflammable in given conditions, i just want to list down 10 reasons why i think this move will be recalled in less than 3 years.

  1. No more freedom of choice : Prohibition of this scale overtly limits freedom of choice and is not a democratic or people friendly move. Soon we will have the youth of the state wanting to leave the state simply because ‘restrictions’ that erode their freedom of choice.
  2. No Realistic Gain : Soon after this was announced Tamil Nadu announced that it will open outlets across TN-Kerala broeder especially to serve customers from Kerala. Ban on alcohol does not really ensure a complete ban when the neighbouring states now offer “special” care for the home population.And according to a study by the World Health Organisation, the association between prohibition and low levels of alcohol use was mixed. “For men there was no statistically significant evidence of an association,” it found, “but for women, it appeared that prohibition did reduce consumption.
  3. Rise of unregulated Liquor : By now business plans will be drafted and in place on how to provide a black market route for customers. As from early experience of ban on alcohol in Haryana & Andhra Pradesh we have seen the illegal hooch makers and distributors gain from the peoples’ misery. Social and addictive habits are deep-rooted and it is near impossible to change them through legal bans. There is always someone who is willing to be a supplier at a price.
  4. Loss of Revenue : For a state whose  22 per cent revenue comes alcohol excise, this looks a total bad move.One of the worst phases of liquor-ban was seen in Haryana in 1996, when the Haryana Vikas Party came to power. The state government had increased the bus fares, electricity charges and fuel sales taxes to bridge the financial deficit. The tourism industry had crashed; hooch tragedies became rampant; and spurious liquor cases piled up during the time. After 19 months, the state withdrew the ban. As Shashi Tharoor stated ” “Kerala will not drink less, but the excise duty will go to Tamil Nadu instead.”
  5. Tourism Dampened : The 24% of revenue for the state comes from tourism & the majority of tourist that visit God’s own country does not really go for the 5 star accommodation. Most of them are backpackers  who wants a chilled beer on a hot day, the three-star hotel resident who seeks a glass of wine with her meal.
  6. Investor trust dampened : After tourism, what’s left here is a little of IT &  companies contemplating moving to the clean, green, tech-friendly environment available in Kerala, say the fact that their employees might not easily be able to enjoy a drink after work has given them a pause.
  7. Local Business Dampened : When the bar hotels will be closed after September 12, the survival for majority of those in the  business will be minimal. Those hotels which are on the highways and major towns could be able to manage with the restaurants and rooms.There are around 100 bars in the state which could start other business as they are located in towns.The sale of these hotels will also be a Herculean task as nobody would be interested to invest here in the present circumstances.
  8. NPA Days for Financial Institutions : the bar owners owe `760 crore to the state run, Kerala Financial Corporation (KFC). This is apart from the Rs 3,000 crore taken as loan from various other banks in the State.The bar hotel business is a chain of activities including restaurant, rooms and selling liquor. Only this combination will enable the investor to make profit and running a restaurant alone will lead to a huge loss. So much for loan recovery !
  9. End of MICE Tourism @ Kerala : The state has been a growing destinations for the off-site team dinner & events lately and with this new law , MICE (meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions) based tourism is the biggest casualty as such gatherings end with dinner where wine and beer are served.
  10. Social services & Brand Kerala looks dim :Now that we are losing 22% of of our revenue., Kerala will have to cut on its social services which have given it a high social development standing in India. And to recover this money, the state will have to soon increases taxes or public debt.

Tell me what do you think about this ? Do you think the law will be lifted or roll backed soon ? How do you think this is going to effect the young minds in the state ?


IKEA makes content marketing look so effortless as always

Introducing the “bookbook”, a revolutionary reading experience that offers you the best of tactile feedback, touch-based interfaces, wireless connections, and perpetual battery life.One would expect this latest gizmo from Ikea with that sort of a built up but we are about their 2015 catalogue and with the Apple event close, this is one of the best mockery of Apple i have seen that have been constructively used by anyone or any organisation.

Let me know what you think about this ?

Happiness Marketing executed in its full glory by Coke

Coke has taken its tagline ” open happiness” to quiet its literal heights.Last few campaigns from the brand all have the same formulae but they are so beautifully executed that every time the campaign creates a new high on emotions.This time they choose to capture the ones of the guest workers who make up a significant part of Singapore’s total workforce. They are often “invisible workers”, receiving little recognition for their labour.

Last March, Coca-Cola Singapore and the Singapore Kindness Movement embarked on a project to bring “Happiness from the Skies”, to show that a little kindness goes a long way to bring Singaporeans and guest workers closer.

What do you think about this campaign by Coke ? Let me know.

Startup Curry from India for Entrepreneurs at Ryan Academy, Dublin

i have always loved speaking to entrepreneurs & being doing that quite on a regular basis in India. During my recent visit to Dublin, i got this privilege to visit the DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurs and interact with entrepreneurs who were a part of the ustart initiative. The slide deck here is what i had presented with the students there.Let me know what you think about it ?

More than presenting my keynote on the Indian curry, it was more of a learning for me to know get a pulse of the startup scene in #dublin.

If you have an event or got a little something going on where i could contribute or want to know more about inviting me to your campus, here‘s where you need to go.

You could follow more on Entrepreneurship programmes in Dublin by following UStart DCU in twitter using the link below.

The new avataar of Flashmob here in this Epic Driftmob feat. BMW M235i

Flash mob had become quite the yesteryear stuff & you’d probably thought there is nothing more to do there. And that’s when BMW Drift mob happened.

The sheer joy of driving packaged perfectly in 90 seconds by these guys here in what is said to be the first driftmob stunt by a brand.

The folks at BMW took some hollywood stunt drivers and added the same amount of BMW M235i cars. The result: About 90 seconds of driving pleasure and smoking tyres.

What do you think of this stunt here ? Seen anything similar that’s worth the share.Let me know.