The Middle Class syndrome: Have you ever felt cemented?

We have all read of how essentially people are pulled back from things they want to do, by the society or family around them. Thanks to such celebrated notions, everyone has a reason for not ‘starting’ or ‘doing’ things they want to. I used to think the same & believe in it, till some time.

The idea is so celebrated that if there is a success story, going back the timeline will for sure have a tale of how the person fought all odds or resistance around him.For instance the article here, the article quotes the instance from the founder of Zomato. Every biography or story ever published on such instances talks and focus on the, social fabric to be a major hindrance. Not that it’s not true, but I’d say its just not completely true.

I am not just talking about Entrepreneurship, but more generic things that stall our lives or make you cemented, with just one way forward with whatever you want to do. Be that being a nomad traveller, penning down that book , starting the gym or even getting married. As humans we are bound to factor exterior blocks, before looking at that log of wood in our own head.


The jump from getting ‘stuck’ to moving ‘forward’ is very tricky. After selling the company I constituted to a French group, I have been wanting to do so many things with my time since I didn’t have to run the company. That was 12 months ago. Now, when i look back, I have done nothing of that sort and I have been blaming everything and anything for it. It is not like I have been faking or making up these reasons or trying to hide my ‘laziness’ with a visual story that fits into the puzzle. I have considered my state to be that of a, ‘ Middle class syndrome ‘ , a state where you feel stuck , with not much going forward or a state where your emotional or mental growth is almost nil. I have been wanting to write blogs regularly, darn, I have even been wanting to pen down a book.

I keep saying to myself, I don’t have the inspiration or encouragement required to do all that, but when I look at it, I have it all. a perfect setting in my Life. My company got acquired, I get paid good, ( my startup journey was what got me nearly bankrupt ), I have spare time and I am committed to the most beautiful woman I have ever known. The point is by the looks of it, there is nothing wrong. Exactly how a middle class guy should be, he has a home loan, a car, a decent life; everything that would look perfect in one glance.

However, I figured out something intriguing ! We do not get cemented in life due to the things around us or the social fabric or lack of inspiration. We get stuck because the activities we undertake regularly in our lives are monotonous and lacks our own individuality and magnetism. It has more to do with, our own log of wood that’s blocking us from doing the things we want to do, while we blame external factors to be the reason behind our own hindrances.

We will do great things if we put ourselves into a system and circle which has our personality and flavour. A easy version of this is ‘ Doing things you like ‘. This is what makes the difference. I agree, it sounds like a chicken and egg situation, because we all try to do things we ‘love’.

The solution is to, put our hearts into what we are working on at present, and most importantly to do it with passion. As our everyday actions have a lot to do with our sub conscious mind. If there is no passion in your existing career or whatever you do , find a task, job, hobby which can be combined with your current situation.

[blockquote  type=”left, center, right”]The idea is simple,  hack or cheat your mind into actions that feed your soul with passion , love and excitement everyday so that your subconscious mind helps you to focus on what you really want to do.[/blockquote]

I have been stuck because my soul now lacks that excitement it had when I was developing this company. I have been doing mundane things which just got my head into building this huge log of wood, which I failed to surpass till this time. I am putting this to a test, I am taking some time off work to do something that fuels my passion and excites my soul in a way that, it does not hurt my career. The dig with Frying Pan is just that, and it is about time I made efforts for it.  Who knows maybe soon, I might even be able to pen down that book of mine, with the help of my editor in chief !

I thought of  sharing my thoughts to know more about people who have been through this phase or still fighting to come out of it. Let me know, your thoughts and experiences !


Why Startups Fail in Kerala ?

As much as a pessimistic the title looks, my presentation at the inauguration function of Young chamber of commerce was not about pouring in the negative vibe around the ” emerging” kerala. It was more of a asking to the corporate Kerala to be active in the startup eco system & a reminder that government alone cannot do much. We need realistic policies & a strong a watch dog agency to ensure the policies are in effect.

The recent policy on technology startups is simply a example of how we are so eager to simply copy a “silicon valley” than to create a policy thats meant for the reality.

I am not against anything, i love my homeland and i want to see effective change rather than hollow policies , coffee book table on companies from Kerala or a bunch kids of sponsored full expense paid trip to silicon valley.

I am a 100% #builtinkerala, i failed twice , i sold my company to French but ensured that it’s heart remains in Kochi. I have no political alignments , i am not a new theory salesman, i mean no disrespect to any personnel or organisations but i am simply a believer in the fact that we can do better & i’l like to add my 5 cents to that.

Let me know what you think about my presentation.

What happens when Indians are asked to Kiss on camera

I am not sure if i should be laugh seeing this or feel awkward. a month or so ago, the video of a social experiment called ‘First Kiss’ done by Tatia PIlieva went viral wherein she asked 20 strangers to kiss on camera without any prior introduction.

Dozens of spoofs & inspired videos followed. But as usual we Indians beats all of them.What happens when you ask 20 ‘Indians’ to kiss on camera for the first time.

What do you think of this ? If nothing, check out the video and enjoy 😉

What happened to the women in this country?

The other day i went for this movie – Queen with two good friends of mine. the theme/context of the movie is a perfect illustration of the women of this country. i enjoyed every bits of the movie but this post is not about that. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around women empowerment thanks to you know who.( the one who should not be named ).

After watching the movie, my friends were on a different level of high.( Did i tell that they were of opposite sex ? ) They both wanted to travel & then discover themselves or where at a different level of self-confidence.And this is was around women’s day & i asked myself why do the world keep talking about empowering women or giving them a ‘day’.(Not that i am against having a day for men ) It sort of gave me the feeling that its like the day of the ‘endangered species’ or the inferior one.

And most of the women i have met ( at least in this country) sort of are on a hunt to find themselves or to reinvent them or then waiting to just get married. No offense, but i see women to be much superior being than its male counterpart.

May be the social stigma makes them think so or act so. But women are in my experience the strongest & superior being out there & its a shame they need someone or a ‘day’ to remind them about it or to empower them.

So this is what i have to tell to the women at large, you have the same sets of rights or talents showered upon you ( and may be even more than men ). You are designed to be superior, do not waste that flawless design of the greater being who made you by wasting over a heartbreak or thinking about the right partner to marry or in the run to make ends meet & make the society ‘happy’. Yes, i agree the world is harsh on you but you are designed to fight it all with odds favoring you.

One Life.Make it count.

Open to your comments