a Brandful Kitchen #makesomethingnew

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[blockquote cite=”Mr. Abdul Vajid KT” type=”left, center, right”]the most important part is that the agenda of bringing together people from different directions is met till date. VARIETY of the people is how this event stands different..[/blockquote]

Kitchen is a collaborative platform that connects marketers,designers,tech geeks,startups & businesses to explore projects and work together in the process create meaningful partnerships and business value for each other.

Who should attend ?

  • Businesses who are looking for strategic partners for advertising/digital/ ecommerce/social/mobile/IoT/payments/publicity/consulting domains
  • Startups who are looking for business partnerships or leads
  • Professionals who are looking to render their skills/services
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs to meet co-founder/investor/designer/tech geek etc
  • Investors or Individuals who’d like to invest in new ventures/concepts

Kitchen 2.0

June 12th, Friday was the second edition of the Kitchen hosted by Centre A Offices.There were 80+ in attendance for the event which was graced professionals , businesses & startups alike.

The event started 15 minutes late, thanks to the audio vendor getting in stuck in traffic which meant more time for people to network and exchange visiting cards.And 7 PM we started off with the panel discussion with Alex Thomas (MD,Tierra foods) ,Faraz Javeed ( Director, WildFish, Abad Fisheries ) , Vijay Nair ( MD, Taxio Radio cabs ) , Harsha ( CEO ,Masala box ).

Mr. Alex Thomas spoke about how he setup Tierra foods from scratch even with no experience in food industry and credited his success to his team who have worked passionately for the success of the company. The crowd asked him about the technicalities and support from government missionaries in setting up such a venture. What was a surprise info in this context was that he has face very little or no problems due to labour issues or the harthals or strikes which usually are known factors for anti-industry tide in Kerala.

Mr.Faraz Javeed spoke about the journey of the brand Abad and how he finally arrived at launching a premium store : Wildfish and Club wildfish for Kochilites who wants to get Fresh fish in its most hygienic form. He also walked thru the launch activities and experience in setting up such a venture.

Harsha ,Founder,Masala Box

Mr. Vijay Nair shared his journey as an NRI who had a strong passion for entrepreneurship and creating 200+  jobs for people in Kochi. He spoke passionately about how Taxio is creating a dent in the taxi cab scene in Kerala and how compared to his peers he has greater control on the quality of service of his fleet. He even pledged that he could pay back a flight fee if you missed the flight because of a delay by Taxio. He shared is expansion plans and how he wish to be the numero uno brand in Kerala in the segment.

Mrs. Harsha Thachery from Masala Box was eager to show us her expansion plans in India and as you can see from the picture, its quite an extensive one. She shared with the crowd in her enthusiastic self how she arrived at doing something like this after having the idea and complete a phase of pregnancy. After Kochi, they have recently launched in bangalore and soon coming to your city.

The panel was also joined by Nithin Rajagopal from Kitchen Treasures, the brand that which has found a special place in the minds of Kerlites within just one year of the launch.Nithin walked us through the launch and various learning curves in launching the brand. The star of journey wa their TVC created for Fish masalas which has had a huge organic growth on Youtube.

Photo 12-06-15 8 16 28 pm
Gokuldas from Voteran

So these are the businesses #madeinkerala and something we are all proud of.The next part of the event focussed on upcoming startups.
First one on this list was Voteran represented by Gokul ( Founder & CEO ) whose wife is also an entrepreneur . He shared the struggles of convincing his family on the path he had chosen and about his latest venture which is one of a kind social network for politics. He’s just got a round of angel funding for the product as well.

The next on the list is Jb Mathews who has taken a different spin of entrepreneurship by launching his sports IP called the Kerala Beach League. After the successful launch of first season JB is  scouting for partners/investors to further scale up his venture.

This was followed by a talk by Mittu Tigi on Jagriti Yatra and the ‘Pitch my Idea’ session where startups raising funds presented in 3 minutes their idea to prospective investors. We had 3 startups who presented during the event.

At 9;00 PM the speaking sessions was closed and another round of networking continued till 11;00PM.

We are now working on planning the Kitchen 3.0 , the theme of the event would be around Raising funds & marketing and is scheduled for Jul 10. Follow the event updates here.

Kitchen is made with Love by Andy and supported by Centre – A offices.





Change to Linear to interactive content – Panel by @BBC @CBSinteractive @MobileRoadie @indiavibes @inSingBuddy @msfd #dm11 #singapore

I had this very rare opportunity to be a part of the panel along with the biggest names in Media industry, the panel was moderated by Ralph Simon(Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum – Americas and CEO of The Mobilium Advisory Group). We discussed on how we can combat the challenges of creating interactive content & the also how connected devices where eating off the pie of a user attention to content(television).
SingTel has the Insing.com story on how they are creating innovative technology to bypass the challenge of connected devices, infact Cheng Chuan Loo,( Chief Executive Officer, SingTel Digital Media ) spoke about “fifth screen” ! Yes ..TV,Computer,Mobile,Tab..& soon to come..Fifth screen.
Wendy (Wendy Hogan, VP and Managing Director, Australia and SEA, CBS Interactive) spoke about how CBS been pro-active in buying companies/media properties that connected to the audiences. She was talking about the necessity of taking mobile more seriously though.
To that our Mobile Roadie CEO, Michael Schneider said that he was looking to work with more companies in Asia & having regional languages is challenging yet important while creating mobile app.
Ralph was however emphasizing on Hyper-local content to be a game changer in Asian Market.
Phu(Phu Truong, Vice President, Commercial and Operations Asia, BBC.com) from BBC was all excited that he was moving in to Singapore from London, he told how i world is gonna bridge that gap soon for hyper local content with its launch set very soon.
My inputs on the challenges where to embed simple ways in content to enable user to use connected devices but at the same time, getting their involvement in the content. So it wasn’t about creating a technology ,it’s just about having elements of “interaction” within the content created !
Strangely enough the only Q&A session was shot at me by Mr.Prashun Dutt from Economist magazine who said that @Indiavibes is a really exciting stuff but how are we gonna monetize the whole thing !
Being from Kerala had some soft edge at the event, cos when i was introduced to he audiences the moderator did mention about God’s own country ! But the surprise about being from Kerala,is they never expected a commercial business from that part of the world.
Having said all that, the panel concluded with lines that Content will always be the game changer !

Finding breakthrough Ideas that’s sure to change the Digital & Music Industry !

Come May 2011 & #Singapore will be hosting back2back events that’s sure going to bring about the Focus on to Asian Markets & news ways on Monetization in the Music & Digital industry ! More info:
Music Matters, May 26-27, 2011 at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Created in 2006 to encourage positivity, innovation, collaboration and transparency within the music business, Music Matters is Asia’s only music business conference. Established and successful in its own right, the event has uniquely succeeded in creating a global platform for the region’s music industry.
After five years in Hong Kong, we felt it was time for a refresh and Singapore’s exceptional infrastructure for international events and thriving entertainment scene will give us an opportunity to take Music Matters to the next level.

Digital Matters, May 24-25, 2011 at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Digital Matters – the first regional forum in Asia focusing exclusively on the monetisation of online video content. The Digital Matters program draws on the synergies between digital music and video services, and is a platform for Asian digital entertainment market leaders to share their success in engaging consumers in exciting, digital ways.
Digital Matters is the breakout business event exploring new opportunities for online content viewing, multimedia strategies and new business models.