Thanks Bhai : this Diwali lets celebrate & thank our Kochi metro workers

Kochi metro is all set to change the face of the city & all this is possible because of the 24/7 efforts of emigrant workers for whom Kochi is now their second home

Just another day with the Kitchen crew and we were working on a CSR campaign for a brand when my colleague Nitheesh Mohan came up with an idea for thanking the metro workers. He coined the idea as “thanks bhai” to thank the Kochi metro workers for their hard work and 24/7 effort in bringing the much dreamt about project of the city to Life.

And its only coincidence that all this happened just as Diwali was in the corner & ‘voila’ we had our #makesomethingnew moment just there !
Although our discussion with the particular brand is still underway, we decided to go ahead with the campaign anyway.

we are raising money & looking for partners for executing this. a website to collect the messages for workers will be live this week as well.

And so we are looking for more support in here. click on the link/image below to know more on how you get a piece of the action.

Thanks Bhai

Power of common sense & customer participation : Beldent Almost identical

Often to make communication interesting marketers come up bizarre stunts which mostly works. But then to take a low category segment and create something from a strong segment based insight and making it interesting requires talent. We have known advertisement s to be pure exaggeration and mostly not so ‘common sense’. But i guess gone are those days where marketers would just treat its customers with a visual treat with no ‘real’ sense it. Thanks to Internet for that !

Now,Very rarely do you see a marketing stunt that can apply human participation & common sense in synergy. Beldent has done just that with their latest campaign. What do you think ?

Wendy’s Croons a Pitch-Perfect Pretzel-Bun Love Ballad

The success of campaigns that Crowdsources content simply lies on the art of execution. One such good example is the last campaign by Wendy’s.

The fast-food chain is promoting the return of its pretzel-bun products with a series of faux music videos, and the first online clip is a masterful parody of please-lover-come-back-to-me visual clichés—the man waking up lonely in bed, the woman standing lonely in a breeze on the beach, and naturally, a lot of highly emotive face grimaces and hand gestures.

What do you think ?

IKEA makes content marketing look so effortless as always

Introducing the “bookbook”, a revolutionary reading experience that offers you the best of tactile feedback, touch-based interfaces, wireless connections, and perpetual battery life.One would expect this latest gizmo from Ikea with that sort of a built up but we are about their 2015 catalogue and with the Apple event close, this is one of the best mockery of Apple i have seen that have been constructively used by anyone or any organisation.

Let me know what you think about this ?

Happiness Marketing executed in its full glory by Coke

Coke has taken its tagline ” open happiness” to quiet its literal heights.Last few campaigns from the brand all have the same formulae but they are so beautifully executed that every time the campaign creates a new high on emotions.This time they choose to capture the ones of the guest workers who make up a significant part of Singapore’s total workforce. They are often “invisible workers”, receiving little recognition for their labour.

Last March, Coca-Cola Singapore and the Singapore Kindness Movement embarked on a project to bring “Happiness from the Skies”, to show that a little kindness goes a long way to bring Singaporeans and guest workers closer.

What do you think about this campaign by Coke ? Let me know.

Here’s the real deal of going Viral without much effort : Southwest Airlines

A lot of airlines especially in India have tried to do a lot with their cabin crew & creating content in the hope of going viral. Most of the times the people involved have been grounded or suspended in the process.

There has been flash mobs and dancing and what not up there but non of them really worked for any of them. For all those who have tried it, the art of going viral lies in simplicity & innovation. Here’s one great example of this demonstrated in the simplest of ways by Southwest Airlines.

One word – ” Kickass” . Tell us what do you think about it ?
Some excerpts:
“Flight attendants are coming by, hoping you’ll tell them how good looking they are.”
“As you know, it’s a no-smoking, no-whining, no-complaining flight. It’s a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘you are such a good-looking flight attendant’ flight.”
“If you’re traveling with small children … we’re sorry. If you’re traveling with more than one child, pick out the one that you think might have the most earning potential down the road.”
“Sit back and relax—or you can sit up and be tense, either way.”

How to Make Outdoor Ads Shareable & Sexy

Outdoor advertising is here to stay of course and advertisers have been always looking at ways of innovating the real estate they have to capture maximum attention or eye balls.

We have seen 3D & perspective materials used in billboards & outdoor units before. One of the best examples of these i have seen lately is the outdoor campaign from SNCF French Railways and TBWA\Paris.These crazy larger-than-life ads aim to inspire people to travel to places they are passionate about. It’s about playing with fantasies & real experience of being there. At least thats what they have tried here. An enormous, realistic rugby player taking a shower, a gigantic Marilyn Monroe dress blowing in the breeze grabs your attention on your way to a bus stop that plays disco music if you touch the weird medallion-adorned hairy chest of a swarthy dude.


Of course these innovations does make these outdoor campaigns swanky enough to not only grab eye balls but also make them shareable. But again its just another format, nothing groundbreaking or out of the box.

Remember the  Honda’s mind-bending “Illusions” ad from mcgarrybowen (which won gold at Cannes and the public choice award in The One Show’s Automobile Advertising of the Year), agencies might want to look into the real-world optical awesomeness of reverse perspective.

Now, there lies some amazing potential waiting to be unleashed. Reverse perspective is an area that can really dent outdoor advertising. After watching this video below. I am sure your feeling about it can be easily said in one word – Trippy.

You can find a more detail version of the same here.I couldn’t find many examples of reverse perspective in high-profile ad placements, but let us know in the comments if you know of some beyond the Nokia case study below.

Experiential Marketing or is it a new genre of marketing ?

Experiential or guerilla marketing has been quite the thing lately that’s storming the marketing & advertising scene. We have seen powerful campaigns from the likes of Coca-Cola to even B2B companies like Huawei. Brands have realised the fact that the medium or media to talk to their consumers is really out there on the ground. Thanks to the internet the reach of these activities go beyond geographies , in fact these campaigns are now more powerful than the reach of a typical TV commercial.

However, experiential marketing is not a cup of tea for everyone. Very few brands really have managed to crack the correct formula when it comes to this.The latest campaign by Ubisoft however has raised the bar, in fact it has created a genre of itself with this one.

“Amazing Street Hack” definitely goes above and beyond your average advertising stunt. The company set up a fake store, complete with a multitude of hidden cameras and an overly gregarious salesman, offering 15-minute smartphone repairs. The unsuspecting customers who take him up on the deal are told they’ve been given a “special application” that somehow hacks into nearby electrical systems.

Judging by its 7 million YouTube views in four days, “Amazing Street Hack” is a hit with consumers. And while prankvertising may seem played out, it’s worth admitting that this stunt is impressive, even just in the technical sense.

What do you think ?

You will never find a better example of the power of ideas at work

I have always believed that good Ideas are the ones that have the power to change the way we Live or see Life. From my early days in my career this very thought has been the driving force for me. But then in reality, good ideas are simply the ones that gets you more money or fame at least in an advertising perspective. But between those moments come some of them which really enforces the power of ideas. I had a goosebumps moment watching this campaign couple of weeks back.

The context here is when FCB Brasil and the CNA language school network launched the Speaking Exchange project, which connects CNA students in Brazil with Americans living in retirement homes. This meeting is carried out via an exclusive digital tool that uses video chat technology to bring the students face to face with Americans.

Let me know what you think about this one ?