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10 points that the Kerala should address to create a healthy startup ecosystem

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Following up on previous article about asking the right questions and looking into details , let me start with a topic which is close to my interest. Kerala jumped into the startup race even before any other state or the startup India campaign even got conceptualized. But for the state which also launched India’s first IT park, the trend is …

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a Brandful Kitchen #makesomethingnew

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Kitchen is a collaborative platform that connects marketers,designers,tech geeks,startups & businesses to explore projects and work together in the process create meaningful partnerships and business value for each other. Who should attend ? Businesses who are looking for strategic partners for advertising/digital/ ecommerce/social/mobile/IoT/payments/publicity/consulting domains Startups who are looking for business partnerships or leads Professionals who are looking to render their …

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The next big thing in tech

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No, we are not talking about Fintech ! Everyday we hear about how E-commerce companies are taking over the world, the big numbers of evaluations and take over and buy outs.Far from all that noise, there are a group of people who are working on real problems and finding opportunity in the indigenous .We are talking about the unlocking the …

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What if Axe deo’s launch an Insurance product ? They just did ….

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Axe just goes a step ahead with its positioning stunt and creates something unexpected. What do you think ? Love and war? We got you covered! Go to our Facebook fan page and register on our tab for the opportunity of winning $500. Advertising Agency: DDB Latina Puerto Rico Client: Unilever Creative Directors: Enrique Renta, José Rivera, Leslie Robles, …