What if Axe deo’s launch an Insurance product ? They just did ….

Axe just goes a step ahead with its positioning stunt and creates something unexpected.

What do you think ?

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Advertising Agency: DDB Latina Puerto Rico
Client: Unilever
Creative Directors: Enrique Renta, José Rivera, Leslie Robles, Jenny López
Copywriting: Leslie Robles, Jenny López
Art Direction: José Rivera
Account Team: Edgardo Manuel Rivera, Tangie Sobrino, Jennifer González, Vivian Dávila
Director: José Rivera, Willie Berrios
Prod. Co.: ¼ Productions
Agency Producer: Loren Ortiz, Ive Negrón
Digital Production: MDinteractivo, Alvaro Susena
Digital Team: Janette Robles, José R. González, Sugeiny Tirado